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Safferna is the most powerful search and booking engine for hotels, flights and cars in the world.
Through our travel website you can view all the pictures and information of all the hotels and get the best offers and discounts up to 35%.
Your booking from safferna will be very easy, because our travel offers you the largest options and accommodations of apartments, villas and chalets in the world's largest resorts.
Safferna site is easy, fast and safe to provide your trip whether it is for entertainment or business, and most important is the wide options available to you to choose from them that suits you and fits your budget .

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best in world

Our travel site is the largest search and reservation engine, through which you can deal with the largest group of hotels, companies, international airlines and car rental shops in the Middle East and the world, so we are actively seeking to provide the best prices that suit all our customers and success partners.
We cooperate with all partners as well as airlines to offer you all travel services and all necessary information whether local or international flights . Safferna offers the advantage of car rental, and gives you a wide range of cars that feel comfortable and safe for you to travel and you are comfortable with endless competitive conditions and at an affordable cost.

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