There is no doubt that the city of Hurghada is the administrative capital of the Red Sea Governorate, which is about 40 km from the coastline of the Red Sea, the northern border is the city of Ras Gharib, the southern city of Safaga, the east coast of the Red Sea and the West Red Sea Mountains, It is the island of Jiftun, Umm Qamar, Majawish, Abu Manqar and Shidwan. As for the most popular resorts that receive hundreds, thousands of tourists a month is the resort of El Gouna, in addition to Sahl Hasheesh.

Al-Sakkala neighborhood:

The district of Sakkala or the area of ??the scaffold from the important areas and there is the place of the old port and is considered some of the tourist area in Hurghada for the hotels and shops, international shopping and sale centers, as well as clubs and restaurants, which remain open to tourists and the local population at night.

District of Dahar: -

It is considered one of the most important neighborhoods. It is considered the popular area in the center of the city. It is characterized by the fact that its inhabitants are predominantly Bedouins in addition to the popular markets. The most important are the fish markets, trade places and tourist routes. The most important of which are the tourist paths, the road of the plateau, the airport road, the Sheraton road and other distinctive roads. .

Neighborhood area: -

The neighborhood is a new area in the above mentioned areas, but it is expected to have a strong importance in the future to contain large resorts on the sea directly, including what is under construction, including what has been completed and a large number of guests.

When we talk about the division of the city of Hurghada, we must mention the most beautiful and charming islands in the city of Hurghada, which is intended for visitors from different Arab and foreign countries. One of the most important sports practiced by visitors is diving, which many enjoy in areas such as El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Jiftoun, Shidwan and others.

There is no doubt that the atmosphere in Hurghada is characterized by moderation throughout the year, and it is characterized by the nature of excess heat during the day most of the time enjoyed by all visitors Hurghada beaches all year, and night is cool especially during the winter months and the temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius and the day about 43 degrees Celsius.

The population of Hurghada has doubled in recent years because of the size of huge investments and has a population of up to 100 thousand people and half of the population of the workers coming to the city to work in tourism because it is an attractive area for foreign tourists.

Hurghada is still one of the most famous cities of the Red Sea because of its rare coral people and dozens of sites and attractions attractive to tourists to enjoy and relax in front of the charm and beauty of the Red Sea and the beaches full of fun, including games and water sports.

The best resorts and tourist areas in Hurghada: -

El Gouna Resort: -

The area of ??El Gouna has been established through Orascom Hotels and Development Company on a group of islands, which is considered one of the most important tourist areas on the shores of the Red Sea. It is close to Hurghada International Airport. The distance is 22 km between them. The city of Cairo is about 470 km

The farm of El Gouna, located on an area of ??120 acres, is one of the most important sources of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and poultry, because no pesticides have been used since its inception.

When we talk about El Gouna, we have to remember one of the most important sports: deep sea diving and water sports. The most important beaches are Zitouna Beach and Mangrove Beach, Nubian, Italian Quarter and others.

One of the most important investments in the resort is their reliance on clean solar energy and the final phase-out of fully generated electricity. This is done by storing stored batteries for energy generated from solar cells.

It should be borne in mind that a large proportion of the resort is green spaces, which have been best utilized in the sport of the world's most important sports, golf, diving, water skiing and surfing in the largest five-star hotels and clubs.

Sahl Hasheesh:

The second resort is Sahl Hasheesh, which extends to 32 million meters. The Egyptian Company for Tourism Resorts is based on its management and has planned for 3 consecutive stages. The resort is characterized by the presence of a large number of hotel rooms and residential units, reaching 1560 hotel rooms and 679 housing units in addition to the open theater, which is held daily concerts large songs attended by senior Egyptian and Arab singers, and even foreigners as well as their fans.

Jephton Island: -

Then comes the wonderful island of Gifton, which is about 11 km from the beaches of Hurghada and is the most famous island tourist inside and outside of Egypt because of the beaches of the unique style of high-class, comes to thousands of tourists a day to spend the most beautiful times and absolutely at the center of the Red Sea, It boasts deep diving and deep scuba diving. It plays a very important role in the economic, tourism and investment growth of a large number of tourists. Its location has become a source of attraction for the largest number of foreign tourists. It has a range of hills, To the middle of the island and the southern part is a rare coral rocks and surrounded by coastal coral reefs wonderful and characterized water between the islands and the coast opposite shallow water not more than 15 meters from the sea level and there are a large number of sedimentary rocks, mostly composed of stone rocks Sandy limestone in addition to the ancient coral reefs of the "Pleiocene era".

It also takes us to the fact that the island is a natural reserve is one of the most important and the most important places with environmental regulations including marine grasses in addition to coral reefs of rare colors and delightful and wonderful marine animals and birds and plants, which some of the endangered species for lack of existence in other areas similar to these islands around The world, including "gulls with round white eyes and the punishment of the monstrosities and the north-eastern region of the island where the presence of turtles, which is characterized as hawk Beak and this type of rare turtles are not found in many of the Resorts and other islands around the world.

Abu Monqar Island: -

When you visit Hurghada you have to go to the island of Abu Munqar where it is 33 million years old. The island is characterized by the density of sedimentary rocks and rare geological formations. This city is named by this name because its general shape from the eastern end is a sandy tongue extending into the sea. The shape of the bird is very large, and it should be noted that there are a large number of coral reefs and mangroves that are abundant in this island and represent about a quarter of the island. The island is about 3 km away from Hurghada. The length of some of these trees is about 5 meters long and is interspersed with a group of rare plants such as rocking, sowing and others.

Soma Bay: -

Hurghada is a tourist community located 60 km north of Hurghada, which is 13 million meters to be a wonderful bay view, the resort is characterized by all the services and has a European touch in the form of hotels, villas, sports and hospital facilities and owned by a number of men Egyptian and Arab businesses, the resort is divided into three major sites, including "Sheraton, La Defense de Casades, Robinson Club".

Makadi Bay: -

Located 35 km south of downtown Hurghada, the bay is characterized by a magnificent temperature, bright sun throughout the day and natural white sandy beaches. It is the most beautiful choice to spend the most beautiful holidays and enjoy the breeze and air of the Red Sea. It also has an excellent selection of international hotels, restaurants and luxury bungalows. Drinks and Asian and European favorites.

Aquarius: -

The Aquarius Museum is one of the most important features of marine life in Hurghada. It is located on an area of ??22,000 square meters with a parking area of ??about 20,000 square meters, minutes away from Hurghada International Airport. It was opened in January 2015 to display a group Large, rare and beautiful marine organisms, with the possibility to communicate with them and identify them up close and contains 22 large basin of the largest fish ponds in size, and a wonderful glass tunnel through which you can simulate the aquatic nature and marine life in general as if you live with fish and rare marine animals and plants, TEN This large project involves a large number of experts from more than a great country, including Germany, England, Malaysia and China, as well as Egyptian experts. It is truly the natural simulation of marine life with all its charm and beauty.

- Best Hurghada Hotels 5 Stars: -

Hurghada is the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt, it is characterized by a variety of tourist features, which include high resorts, hotels, monuments, markets and various tourist activities so Hurghada is the first choice for family holidays and youth in particular local and international, and should be referred to the best hotels in Hurghada:

Hotel Steigenberger Al Dau Beach: -

This 5 star hotel is one of the most famous and beautiful hotels in Hurghada and is located directly on the sandy beach of the Red Sea in Hurghada.

There are many advantages to the Steigenberger Al Dau Beach hotel, it has a large water park with a golf course as well, an outdoor swimming pool, water sports that are very beautiful and include diving, surfing and more.

The hotel has 4 restaurants for the most famous months of food and drinks, offering a selection of delicious dishes including oriental and western cuisine.

The hotel's room rates range from $ 160 for two persons to all the hotel's advantages. The hotel has received the satisfaction of most of the Zuwara Arabs and foreigners.

Jazz Hotel Makadina: -

The Jazz Hotel Makadina is considered one of the best hotels in Hurghada and got a 5 star rating. This hotel is located directly on the beach overlooking the Red Sea and away from the Makadi Water Park Makadi Water World is about 4 km away. The hotel offers an important competitive advantage, which is to travel by large buses daily and back and forth.

This hotel was assessed by a very good bazaar in Zairieh in terms of service provided by food and cleanliness as well as location.

The hotel's room rates range from about $ 250 for 2 persons including all the hotel's privileges.

Pyramisa Hotel - Sahl Hasheesh: -

When you visit the most beautiful resorts in Hurghada, you should not miss the opportunity to spend the vacation you can expect on the Red Sea coast and enjoy all the amenities, we talk here about the hotel Pyramisa, which was evaluated by the category of 5 stars, 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport, Large and small swimming pools, international restaurants on the highest level, gymnasiums, gyms and more.

This hotel has been rated by Zairieh as an excellent place for all the services offered.

The hotel's room rates range from about $ 200 for 2 people including all the hotel's privileges.

Premier Romance Hotel - Sahl Hasheesh: -

The 5-star hotel is located in Sahl Hasheesh, 22 km from Hurghada International Airport and 27 km from Hurghada. The hotel offers all the amenities and services of large and small swimming pools, spa, sauna, massage, fitness center and others.

This hotel was assessed by a very good bazaar in Zairieh in terms of all the services provided by the hostel.

The hotel's room rates range from about $ 300 for 2 persons including all the hotel's privileges.

Premier Loref Hotel - Sahl Hasheesh: -

Are you married and want to spend the best times with your partner on the most beautiful beaches of Hurghada?! You will want to spend the honeymoon in the most beautiful hotels in Hurghada, so this hotel is the most beautiful choice to enjoy a unique service, the hotel is directly on the sea and a private beach, including four swimming pools, including the covered and other open, the hotel is located 22 km from Hurghada airport and about 25 km from Hurghada city.

This hotel has been rated by Zaytari as an excellent hotel in terms of all the services provided and the room rates of the hotel are about $ 300 for two persons including all the features of the hotel.

Kempinski Hotel - Soma Bay: -

The hotel is located in the most beautiful gulf of Hurghada, Soma Bay. It has several swimming pools located in the middle of lagoons, with all services and integrated wellness facilities. There are a large number of golf courses within a kilometer of the hotel, as well as squash and tennis. A trip from Soma Bay is a great choice. For travelers interested in water sports, windsurfing, warm weather and beautiful sunshine.

This hotel has been rated by Zaytari as a very excellent hotel in terms of all the services provided, and the hotel room rates are around $ 400 for two persons including all the features of the hotel.

Movenpick Hotel - El Gouna: -

Movenpick Hotel is one of the best and most luxurious 5-star hotels in El Gouna. It offers a full beachfront spa with a lagoon-style swimming pool as well as all water activities such as diving and diving.

This hotel has been evaluated by a very good hotel in Zairieh in terms of all the services provided in the hotel room rates are about $ 136 for two people including all the features of the hotel.

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