Before talking about tourism in Egypt, it is necessary to mention its attractive environment, where climate plays an important role in the tourism activity or stagnation, and we find that the climate of Egypt is characterized throughout the year as a temperate climate, and we find the Governor of Cairo in particular overlooking the Nile, Moderate Most of the times of the year.

   The weather in the summer is dry and hot, and the winter is mild with little rain.

Tourism in Egypt:

    Egypt is one of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East. It is the third largest African country. Ancient Egypt has an interesting and ancient history. The first trace of Egyptian culture begins with man hunting for fish and birds in search of food. Climate change is likely to cause housing to the banks of the River Nile, where the presence of the first pillars of the new civilization.

Cultural tourism:

   There is no doubt that archeological and cultural tourism in Egypt is one of the oldest forms and forms of tourism in the world. This is due to the singing of ancient antiquities of various civilizations such as Roman, Greek, Greek and Pharaonic civilization, and we note that cultural tourism in Egypt began since the discovery of the Rosetta stone present day.

We also find the scientific missions (the French Mission, the German Mission, and the American Mission) that come to Egypt to study the Egyptian antiquities and the discovery of old and ancient civilizations, and also come the authors of tourist books to learn about the various ancient civilizations.

   One of the most important monuments in Giza and Cairo is the city of Ono Ouno, known as Ain Shams, one of the oldest capitals in the ancient world. It is also important to find in this area the obelisk of King Senusert I, also the three pyramids of King Khufu, King Khafra and King Mankawra the Sphinx represents the face and head of a human being and the lion's body. The significance of the blending of these two forms is very large. The head is the power of reason and judgment in man. The lion's body represents the physical and muscular strength, too. We find the museum of sun boats which is believed to be swim in the sky to the other world by the sun god (Ra).

- Most of the monuments we find to hold to this day due to the atmosphere of Egypt that is dry and hot in summer.

Religious tourism:

    The religious tourism in Egypt is represented by Islamic, Christian and Jewish monuments, and we see tourists coming to visit them from all countries. Examples of Islamic monuments include: Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque, Sultan Ahmad ibn Qalawun mosque, Imam al-Shafei mosque, al-Sayeda Zeinab mosque, Hassan) also find the street of Muaz Ladin Allah Fatimid of the most important ancient Islamic streets, and we find many castles and forts, including: (Quarry Muhammad Ali, Qala Salah al-Din Ayyubi, stronghold of the soldier, Aqaba Aqaba, the castle phase, Arish extraction).

The Coptic monuments include many churches and monasteries, such as the Church of St. George, the Church of St. Mina, and the Tree of the Dorm, the Hanging Church, and the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Cathedral of St. Catherine, St. Anthony's Monastery and many other Christian monuments.

As for the Jewish monuments, we find the synagogue of Moses in the Abbasid, the Bar Yohai temple in the street of the Jews of Sakhnia, the Temple of Moses Ben Maimon in the Moski, the Adli Temple on Adli Street, the Temple of Ben Ezra in Ancient Egypt, the Rab Samha House in the Aesthetic Section, Al-Kawa Street in Al-Zaher District, Hanan Palahir Temple, Magen Abraham Synagogue, 3 st. Of the Crown Prince in Hadayek Al-Qubba, Ashkenazi Temple at the threshold, Kareem Temple in Ishaq Street, Ibn Khaldoun Street.

Recreational tourism:

Egypt has many beautiful beaches that extend along the shores of the Red Sea in the east. Its water is characterized by purity, purity and gradation in attractive blue colors, with coral reefs of many shapes and colors, as well as many fish. Also in the north are the shores of the Mediterranean with its mild climate in the summer, And we find on the coast many of the rest of the entertainment, as we find many of the sites of tourism and entertainment and the most important of these sites: the area of ??Sharm El Sheikh, the area of ??Hurghada, Nuweiba area, Arish and Ras Sidr.

Medical Tourism:

      There are many springs and sulfur and mineral water in Egypt, which are characterized by chemical formulas useful for the skin, and find sand and silt suitable for the treatment of many skin diseases and rheumatism, and those sulfuric and mineral eyes have the cure of many diseases of bone and respiratory diseases and treatment of skin diseases, including: Helwan, Aswan, Sinai, Hurghada, Safaga in Red Sea) and also found many researches that confirm that the waters of the Red Sea contain coral reefs on vehicles Chemotherapy works to cure psoriasis. Thus, we find that Egypt is located in a privileged position on the therapeutic tourism map, and has become a destination from all over the world for those who wish to heal with natural medical treatment and enjoy the atmosphere of Egypt.

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