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  • It is worth mentioning that Cairo is not only the capital of Egypt but also the largest city in the African continent. It is a center for the meeting of Western and Eastern civilizations, in addition to its historical and archeological sites, which have made it a center for entertainment and tourists from all over the world, both Arab and foreign.
  • There is no doubt that the area of ??"Downtown" is the most famous areas in Cairo in addition to the beauty of the view of the Nile, which captures the mass when you stand on the balcony of a major Cairo hotel, and certainly when you think of a trip to Egypt will not withstand the charm and beauty of the wonderful views and sites of distinguished.
  • The top ten hotels in Cairo 2018 including: The finest international cuisine for guests, entertainment and comfort are given to give visitors complete satisfaction with the visit with the strongest seasonal offers To encourage guests to make a permanent booking every occasion.
  • In recent times, 10 major hotels have distinguished themselves from 137 hotels in Cairo, according to a study by Trip Advisor on the number and comments of holiday travelers and business trips recently to Cairo hotels. The result was ranked as best as follows:

1- Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel- Cairo:

One of the most beautiful, luxurious and prestigious hotels in Cairo and occupies the first place in the size of the continuous periodic guests as well as its wonderful location, which has unique views on the Nile directly in the Egyptian capital - Cairo, has reached the classification of this hotel to 5 stars for the provision of services and entertainment, The hotel rooms have 365 rooms, with a swimming pool on the highest level of luxury, fitness center, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, Jacuzzi and other services desired by any guest and visiting distinguished hotels.

Prices range from EGP 5,000: EGP 8,000 per night.

2- InterContinental Citystars Cairo - Cairo:

This magnificent hotel is ranked second and is also a 5 star hotel for providing services, amenities and entertainment such as the previous features mentioned at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel. The InterContinental Citystars Hotel has 824 hotel rooms. Gambling "as well as a wonderful spa that catches all visitors to the capital.

Prices range from EGP 3,000: EGP 5,000 per night.

3 - Kempinski Nile Hotel - Cairo:

One of the most famous hotels in the world. It is ranked third in the category of Trip Advisor. It is a 5 star hotel. It has about 191 great hotel rooms with the largest services and entertainment mentioned in the previous two hotels, but there is no area for children's games and playgrounds.

Prices range from EGP 2,000 to EGP 4,500 per night.

4- Sofitel Aljazeera Hotel - Cairo:

The Sofitel Hotel is ranked fourth and has been rated 5 stars and has a spectacular view of the Nile. It has 433 hotel rooms with 10 large meeting rooms, with excellent services and entertainment. "Gymnasiums, children's playgrounds, a spa, a Jacuzzi, a luxurious swimming pool and other great services.

Prices range from EGP 2,500: EGP 4,500 per night.

5- The Ritz-Carlton Nile Hotel- Cairo:

The Ritz-Carlton is a fairly good hotel. The 5-star hotel is characterized by its excellent services, excellent service, multilingual staff, large conference rooms, swimming pool, spa, bar, gymnasiums and exercises. , And other premium services.

Prices range from EGP 4,000: EGP 7,000 per night.

6 - Marriott Hotel - Cairo:

One of the oldest and oldest hotels in Cairo is distinguished by the luxury, quality and excellent cleanliness of the 5-star hotels. The hotel's free internet service is available in all locations. The hotel has 1087 hotel rooms divided into three buildings designed to ensure the highest levels of relaxation. Zamalek Tower, Al Jazira Tower, Chalets. One of the largest services is the presence of 14 international restaurants to satisfy all visitors, as well as gymnasiums, a tennis court and a full-service spa.

Prices range from EGP 2,500: EGP 4,500 per night.


7- Fairmont Nile City Hotel - Cairo:

Of the large hotels inside Cairo, but it is disappointing that there is no "Plakon" in the hotel other than one type of rooms as well as suites, the hotel was rated 5 stars for the services of the distinguished visitors and guests, contains about 504 hotel rooms, featuring gymnasiums and exercises, He has worked as a multilingual trainer with a number of luxury conference halls for a large number of international companies.

Prices range from EGP 2,500: EGP 6,000 per night.

8. Lupassage Hotel - Cairo:

Lupassage Hotel Cairo is rated as one of the most upscale hotels and deserves a 5 star rating. The hotel has a good number of 412 hotel rooms, offering great leisure facilities including gymnasiums, a bar and a swimming pool. The bathroom is equipped with all amenities; the hotel has fitness centers, a casino service and other international features.

Prices range from LE 1,500: LE 2,500 per night.

9- Fairmont Towers Hotel - Heliopolis:

The hotel has 247 distinct hotel rooms with a wide range of features and facilities such as tennis court, spa, wellness and relaxation facilities. The hotel offers fitness, fitness and other services.

Prices range from EGP 3,000: EGP 5,000 per night.

10 - JW Marriott Hotel - Cairo:

The JW Marriott Hotel has been ranked as the last 10 hotels in the Trip Advisor category. However, the hotel offers the greatest features for the only one without the rest of the mentioned rooms that offer handicapped rooms, mini kitchens with family rooms, The hotel has about 438 hotel rooms, with features such as the above mentioned and also top of the features, luxurious swimming pool, gyms and fitness rooms, Jacuzzi, tennis court, golf course, seating and relaxation area, children's play area.

Prices range from EGP 2,500 to EGP 4,000 per night.

Finally, we see that this wonderful study provided by the «Trip Advisor» that it has highlighted the most important and prestigious and even the most luxurious hotels in Cairo and even the Arab world, all these hotels have been subjected to quality standards through which will give the appropriate evaluation of each hotel on the features and means of luxury To ensure the required comfort for each guest.

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