Attractions in Turkey:

Before talking about tourism in Turkey, we have to mention its strategic location and its climate. It is a commercial and cultural station. It connects the east to the west and the north to the south. At the same time it is located in the middle of Europe, Asia and Africa, with a population of 74 million.

Turkey has a rather strange climate, where the four seasons occur simultaneously. It is rare to find this in any other country, and its climate also has a great infrastructure that makes it one of the leading countries in tourism throughout the year.

Istanbul City:

Istanbul is considered the first stop for Turkish tourists from most parts of the world due to its ancient historical value as Turkey's tourist, economic, cultural and commercial capital.

With a population of about 14,983,000 and an area of ??about 1,825 km, the climate is hot in the summer with fairly high humidity, cold in winter and snow at 0 ° C, and in the spring in autumn, the weather is moderate and it is possible that some rain will fall through them.

Touristic monuments:


Sulaymaniyah Mosque: It was built in 1558 AD by order of Sultan Sulaiman Al-Qanuni to the famous architect Amar Sinan. There is a collection of other architectural works (schools, shops, bathrooms, hotel and hospital) available all week for free.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque): It was built by Sultan Ahmed I in 1916 AD, was also buried inside, and designed in a manner of engineering very beauty and magnificence and this is the most important reasons for the visit of tourists to him, as for the name called Blue Mosque because of the presence of blue on the wall Internal, available all week free.

The Hagia Sophia Museum is located opposite the Sultanahmet Mosque. It was built in 359 AD and was used for worship as a central Orthodox church. It was converted into a historical museum by the Turkish Republic in 1934. It is one of the most important tourist museums in Turkey; it is available every day except Monday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Market covered: It was built in 1461 AD, and an area of ??more than 30.000 meters, and is one of the most important and largest and oldest markets covered by the world, a market for clothes and gifts, gold and others, and is believed to be visited by more than half a million visitors a day in the tourist seasons, Bayazit, and closes at 8 pm.

Yildiz Saray Palace: Located in the Peshkach area, this palace was built on the order of Sultan Selim III in 1790 AD to the Sultan of Maharishi. This palace was used as the main residence of the Sultans during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1880 AD. It is one of the nicest places to visit during your visit to Turkey. The palace is closed on Saturday and Sunday and is free of charge.

The Bosphorus Bridge: Built in 1973 AD, it is one of the best bridges connecting Europe with Asia. It is 1,510 meters long and 40 meters wide. The distance between the towers is 1,074 meters and the height is 105 meters. The distance between the sea and the bridge is about 64 meters. Ranked fourth among the longest hanging bridges around the world and one of the longest bridges outside the United States, you can go to the Ortakwe area to see this beautiful view. This area also contains many, many restaurants, large cafés and souvenir vendors, and free admission.

We are now talking about the cost of travel to Turkey, the cost of tourism in Turkey:

We do not like to travel to Turkey and enjoy the most beautiful and beautiful scenery especially in Istanbul, so we are all wondering about the cost of travel to Turkey. We will answer this question fairly roughly. When making this beautiful decision, Hotel prices in turkey, transport prices in turkey, personal and marketing expenses in turkey.

What is the cost of travel to Turkey?

There is no doubt that we should refer to the booking of airline tickets to Turkey, as there are airlines offering international and domestic flights to the different beautiful cities in Turkey, the price varies according to the different date, there are tourist seasons if you want to book it must be prepared for this reservation And you can choose airlines that offer discounted prices including Onor, Atlas Jet, Pegasus, flydubai ... and more. "All of this can be easily booked through our travel website.

Important tips for traveling to Istanbul for 2018:

First: You must book early before boarding the flight long enough.

Second, the prices must be compared between the different airlines that we provide through our travel website.

Third: There are exclusive offers we offer you in our travel site to book the best flights with discounts up to 50% on all flights.

Fourth: You have to be more flexible in determining the dates by day, for example you can save a lot.

Fifth: Exploitation of points provided by some airlines in the continuous and early custody.

Book cheap hotels in Turkey: -

There is no doubt that there are a lot of hotels in Turkey cheap and this is due to several factors, the most important of which is the classification of the hotel "the number of stars obtained by the hotel" There are hotels rated 5 stars are the most expensive and then come after the hotels 4-star and then 3-star The two stars then the one-star hotels.

Among the factors that play a big role in prices is the location of the hotel. The closer we get to the distinctive places or the capital, the more the prices are, and there is no doubt that in the view of the room, this feature plays a major role and important, some of which overlook the Bosphorus or the sea directly in Istanbul, These rooms are more expensive than other rooms overlooking the city or garden directly.

And we finally come to the main reason behind the increase in prices crazy, which is the seasons of tourism, it is known that travel to Turkey is increasing in price is excessive in the tourist seasons,

Prices range from 5-star hotel rooms from $ 130 to $ 180


Prices range from 4-star hotel rooms from $ 90 to $ 130

Prices in double rooms in 3-star hotels range from $ 50: $ 90

Prices range from $ 120 to $ 150

Transportation and flights within Turkey and Istanbul in 2018:

Talking about Turkey, this beautiful country in general and the city of Istanbul in particular have a wonderful transport network covering most of the neighboring cities. This network is one of the cheapest and most popular roads, and it has been severely congested for some time. It should be noted that you can rent cars through our travel website very easily. Personal expenses and shopping within Istanbul in 2018:

The nature of mankind varies from person to person as well as personal expenses. The city of Istanbul is characterized by a large number of popular markets that provide products at very cheap prices, as well as restaurants. Istanbul has a large number of restaurants, including international luxury, which offer oriental and Western cuisine and expensive prices Very medium, which offers Turkish popular cuisine at reasonable prices and there are also simple popular restaurants spread throughout the city, which prices are somewhat less than the segment before it.

The average daily expense of a small family is $ 100: $ 150 per day

When entering any of the markets in Istanbul, there are several tips to be considered, including the identification of the list of orders in any restaurant before the request of any meal, also must be used to bargain before buying any goods in the popular markets, moving away from the famous tourist markets may be very high prices.

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