Now many of the world's most charming fans can apply for a dream ticket ... World Cup in the State of Russia 2018 A very large number of people worldwide have now booked their seats with the most expensive football matches in the history of football. Every three years, the number of applicants has reached more than 2 million since early December.

As of January 31, there will be a chance for soccer fans to catch matches from the pitch in all matches except the opening and final matches and individual matches, as well as tickets for a specific stadium or tickets allocated to fans of the 32 teams. After 31 January, during this stage, the supervisors will make a draw and draw random without taking into account the date of submission of the application will have all the opportunity to get the ticket, whether applicants on the first day until the last day and announced the result on the site 2017 by 12 March.

Now you can encourage your country team and you can order two types of tickets, first the fans tickets, and the other the tickets for the conditional fans. The first is tickets for all three matches during the group stage. The other is tickets for each of the four matches that are likely to be played by another team the losers will automatically stop these tickets once the team has qualified for these roles. Fans, whether fans' tickets or conditional fans' tickets, will be allocated the same seats in the same standings as their home side.

In all the stadiums, FIFA has allocated exclusive tickets for seats for people with special needs, providing seats suitable for all persons with disabilities, as well as those with limited mobility abilities, who are classified as overweight. All tickets booked During the first stage and the second without additional fees, which is scheduled to be delivered to these tickets before the weeks before the tournament, from the period of April and May 2018.

More than 700,000 tickets were allocated during the initial sales period, although the number of orders and bookings exceeded 2 million. Most of the bookings were from Russia, followed by Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colopia, the United States, Spain, Germany, Egypt and finally China.

World Cup fan card: -

The Russian authorities have decided to attend all the World Cup matches in 2018 that the public must apply for the identity card of the cheerleader, and this card is the official identity given to the fan and advises the Russian authorities all the masses to apply for this card immediately after notification of the email confirmation of their receipt Ali is a match ticket.

This card has become a basic condition with the ticket to enter the World Cup in Russia 2018 and there is no doubt that this card gives its holders additional benefits and free services, including the entry of the Russian Federation without visas, mobility between the host cities in the means of transport as well as free use of all public transport in All match days.

FIFA announced Tuesday (July 5th) that tickets for the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in Russia, will be the lowest price for non-Russian citizens.

Thierry Will, marketing director at FIFA, said the final price of the final match, to be held on July 15 in Moscow, would be around $ 1,110.

FIFA has decided that it will sell the tickets in four categories, including the ticket category reserved by Russian fans, and the lowest ticket price is about $ 18. FIFA's secretary-general Fatima Samura told a news conference: "We wanted to ensure that tickets Just to have a chance to attend the largest number of fans during the World Cup”

On the possibility of booking tickets you can through the FIFA website to reserve the game you want to see during the World Cup in Russia 2018.

The Organizing Committee of the World Cup announced the price of the VIP ticket, which is called the VIP name, which reached 198 thousand dollars, equivalent to 3 million and a half pounds, as these seats were implemented in the group games, and the prices of the first class has been determined that Will be in the range of $ 210, the second class will be about $ 165, and the third degree will be in the amount of $ 105 and that all tickets available on the official site of FIFA are available in the precedence of booking and after the completion of the lot that would unite the opportunity for everyone in the game in Russia

It is worth mentioning that there is strong Arab participation during this World Cup because there are four Arab teams that will have a large number of Arabs in Russia during the World Cup. The Arab countries participating in the World Cup are "Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco".