The World Cup is the biggest event in the history of football, this event is undoubtedly waiting for all lovers of football around the world of different nationalities of Arab and foreign, everyone is waiting for the launch date of the tournament in history, this time the largest market in the country in terms of space on the level The world is Russia.

World Cup in the State of Russia

     Many countries have been quick in the competition to choose the country organizing the 2018 World Cup was the result in the end of the Russian state in a strong and difficult competition and the most prominent countries that were a strong competitor to Russia is the state of England, and this is the twenty-first in 2018 and will start from the period 14 June 2018 and until July 15 2018, and is the first time in the world where the World Cup is held in an Eastern European country, and on the basis of ten Russian cities were selected for the establishment of the World Cup in Russia 2018 and undoubtedly the capital was selected the most beautiful of the world capitals It is the city of Moscow that will be on them The opening match as well as the closing game on the biggest stadium in Russia and Eastern Europe, the Luzhniki stadium in the Russian capital.

The participating teams in the 2018 World Cup

2018, the biggest and most skilled team in the game.

Countries participating in the continent of Europe: -

Russia - Belgium - Germany - England - Spain - Poland - Iceland - Serbia - Portugal - France - Switzerland - Croatia - Denmark - Sweden

Countries participating in the African continent:

Nigeria - Senegal - Tunisia - Morocco - Egypt

Participating countries in Asia: -

Saudi Arabia - Iran - South Korea - Australia - Japan

Countries participating in South Korea: -

Brazil - Uruguay - Colombia - Argentina - Peru

Countries participating in the CONCACAF: -

Mexico - Panama - Costa Rica

Cities hosting the World Cup in Russia 2018

First City Moscow City: -

    Which is the capital of Russia, is famous for the stadium Luzhniki, which is scheduled to be the most important games of the tournament, "the opening match and the closing game," the number of the stadium more than 80 thousand spectators, the opening match between the host country, Russia in the face of Saudi Arabia group There is another stadium in the capital, the Arena, the famous stadium of the well-known Russian club Spartak. The stadium has a crowd of about 45,000 spectators and is smaller than the stadium, and Zhnika larger.

The second city: the city of St. Petersburg: -

    In this beautiful city there is the stadium of the Petersburg team and their stadium is the Christovski stadium, and this stadium has a crowd of more than 68,000 spectators.

Third city: Kaliningrad city: -

   As for this city, a new special stadium was created for the 2018 World Cup, which was named after the stadium of Kaliningrad and has more than 35,000 spectators.

The fourth city: the city of Nizhny Novgorod: -

   A new stadium has been set up in the city on behalf of the Nizhny Novgorod stadium. A large number of matches will be held in the World Cup, with a crowd of up to 45,000 spectators, slightly larger than the city.


Fifth City: Kazan City: -

    This city also has a stadium in the name of the city also "Kazan", a large stadium similar to the counterpart of the city mentioned above and also has the number of capacity for the masses about 45 thousand spectators.

Sixth City: Samara City:

    This new stadium has also been established on the same name of the city; it has the same name and reaches the clock to reach more than 44 thousand and 500 spectators.

Seventh City: Volgo Grad City: -

     As for the city of Volgograd, the city was rebuilt by the organizing committee of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and its estimated capacity was increased to 45,000 spectators after much less.


The eighth city: Saransk city:

     In this beautiful city there is a stadium called Mordovia Arena, this stadium was newly built and can accommodate 45 thousand spectators.

Ninth City: Rostov Na Dono City: -

       As for this city, there is a Kiper stadium called Protov Arena, a new stadium that can accommodate more than 45,000 spectators.

Tenth City: Sochi City:

      In this ancient Russian city there is the stadium Visht Olympic and this stadium large capacity to 47 thousand spectators and more was chosen this beautiful stadium to be one of the most beautiful stadiums that will host most of the matches of the World Cup Russia 2018.

Eleventh City: City of Yekaterinburg: -

      There has been a major expansion in this city and in its stadium, also known as the old Yekaterinburg, and the number of seats for the spectators has been increased to the two teams and was named after Central Stadium. These modifications were specifically designed to host the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This stadium can accommodate more than 35 spectators. .

      It is worth mentioning that the participation in the World Cup in Russia 2018 four major Arab teams is Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco

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