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Saudia Arabia

Valid cities

Are cities or as known as the stone house in the Northwest of Saudi Arabia, specifically between the city of Tabuk, Medina, 22 km north of Ulla, and included the world heritage sites in 2008, as the first archaeological site in KSA record for him. Of historic importance and traces back to the prehistoric era, various patterns of several writings, including Nabatiyeh, wallhianih, South walthmodih, Arabic, and Latin, and dealing with many subjects, statutory and religious property, there were 153 carved rock interface, Apparent Islamic monuments in cities benefit as castles, the railway station and the Hijaz railway remnants.

Hasa hasa OASIS

Within an oasis within the largest Palm oases in the world, containing more than three million Palm produces the best types of dates at all, characterized by its strategic geographical and historical dating back to ancient civilizations for thousands of years, which contributed to the inclusion of an oasis Ahsa as the fifth UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia in 2018.

Duc Duc

Is one of the national symbols associated with the history of establishing the first Saudi State, which was its capital, has grown on the banks of the Valley named named Hanifa, leading to its closely linked to cultural and environmental aspects of the various big and positive interaction support between human And the environment that surrounds it, where golf courses have grown and become a great model of oases that originated in desert environments and with many reefs and joists and fertile land and other attractions, also owns several residential buildings, canals, irrigation systems, tunnels, Various agricultural villages, showing stability and construction and architecture associated with human living in this wonderful area.