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Common questions:-


How do I choose or specify my flight?

You can choose your journey by typing the city name or city IATA code into the search engine.

Can I edit or cancel my pre-booking?

You may modify and cancel any prior reservation at any time, subject to the terms and conditions of the selected airline, the Customer Service team will review your request and inform you of the possibility of cancellation or modification.

In some cases there may be additional charges due to cancellation or modification based on the terms and conditions of the airlines.

How do I get information about hotels, car rentals and cruise arrangements?

Safferna offers you excellent tourist services at 50% discount rates and discounts including: - Booking hotel units, renting cars and arranging sea and air trips. We are honored to travel with you and inform you of all details of reservations and payment and all matters related to reservations on the following number: - 4723755).

What is online payment?

Safferna offers a pre-booking service that makes payment and printing of airline tickets more easy and immediate.

What do I need to pay online?

All you need is a credit card that is not expired.

What happens if I cancel my online booking and get my flight tickets?

In the case of canceling online booking will be refunded the amount that was paid in your bank account, and may apply a petty fee for each traveler in the booking.

After paying online I did not get the ticket, what should I do?

If your flight ticket is not received within 24 hours or your flight date is approaching, please contact us.


What does the total price of the reservation include?

The price you offer is the total price for the reservation of the room or rooms required during the period specified and the price also includes the service charge of Safferna site.

Do kids get a discount?

This policy varies from one hotel to another but be sure that in the event of such a discount will be notified immediately.

Can I book by phone?

You can book by phone or through our website.

Can I book without an email address?

If you do not have an e-mail, we will be happy to contact you.

Can I book on behalf of my friends or anyone else?

You can easily book online or contact us and we are honored to arrange for you.

Why did the hotel price differ from the last visit to the site?

In fact, the site of Safferna deals with different hotel suppliers in order to ensure the best prices, as well as the availability of rooms, so prices change periodically according to the seasons and according to the increase in turnout as well as the location of the room and the circumstances of fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. The value booked, so we encourage you to make the reservation immediately if you find the price is right for you today.

Do I have to re-confirm my reservation?

You do not need to confirm the booking whether with us or with our partners, and in the case of any questions related to booking before leaving, we are honored to communicate with you by contacting us directly or through the means of communication with us.

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