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Terms & Conditions

Our customers, success partners, please read the terms and conditions carefully, as the policy of the terms and conditions apply to all the services provided by Safferna, whether in hotel accommodation or purchase airline tickets and car rental or any service you choose from Safferna, whether service or more.

Terms of Use:-

The age of the user must be at least 20 years.

You must have full legal and legal authority to use this site in accordance with the terms and conditions contained, and be responsible for all your legal actions and financial obligations resulting from the use of this site (also when using your account by others living with you.

You agree to supervise and assume the responsibility of all users of your account, including minors under your name.

Undertake to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of data and information provided through you or through your family when you use the services of the site.

The site management is committed to keeping all your private information, while observing that your supervision is your responsibility.

The site operates throughout the day - 24 hours.

Privacy policy:-

We are committed to protecting your personal information when you use this site either through the web or through Android, iPhone and Windows applications, knowing that this policy does not apply to the sites of our business partners or affiliates. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of other parties that you would like to deal with through us.

When you use our website or application services on the phone, information such as your name, contact addresses, credit card or debit card will be requested and stored on your computer or other computer.

Transfer your personal information:-

In the context of the commitment and compliance with the Privacy Policy, we may send your personal information to countries that do not have data protection laws or are not protected on a large scale. We will only provide information for the purpose of providing and completing the services you have requested in order to complete compliance with other parties to provide the required service, Or search for information that requires us to do under the law or on a regular basis.

We may share your information:

All our branches and team offices have other trustworthy partners with whom we cooperate to provide services such as: - Our customers can book flights or complete previously booked flights, car hire, hotel reservations and other services.

Customs, immigration or any regulatory authority in the countries in which you wish to travel in order to comply with the law properly.

For the parties involved in the credit card license policy.

If we have a task to accomplish it or if the law allows us to do so.

To our competent staff and agents to complete tasks we have provided to you now or in the future.

Our partners are able to provide information about services and products related to trips and other services. These organizations will have a specific authority to access the information mentioned in the Privacy Policy. You have the opportunity to choose not to receive messages via email.

If you choose not to share your personal information, you will have the ability to visit our site but not access some of our options or services.

Your information that has been added through you or that we have been able to know will be used to develop the services provided to you, as well as to inform you of all news about our applications, services and new exclusive offers through "e-mail, telephone or other". You will also be informed of the offers and services of other institutions, the option to receive the e-flyer and the latest updates.

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